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Materials available

  • Order of Service (includes resource booklet and bible studies) also in Braille and Large print and Shortened Order of Service
  • Invitation to Prayer leaflet, A4 Posters and press release
  • Children's Service and Activity Sheet - see Youth & Children's Materials page
  • Information leaflet for Young People - see Youth & Children's Materials page
  • 'How to ...' (notes on planning services)
  • Hymns for the Service and Music from Suriname (on CD)
  • Pre-recorded service (on CD)
  • Calendars, Notelets, Bookmarks
  • PowerPoint presentation of Slides, with text (on CD only)
  • Scottish Bible Society leaflet and A4 Poster
  • Feed the Minds leaflet and A4 Poster
  • WDPIC Journal, Annual Financial Statement
  • Meditation

  • Go to Downloads page for:

  • Invitation leaflet
  • A4 Poster
  • Other downloads to follow

    Note: The PowerPoint of Slides is not available on the website due to copyright restrictions.

    World Day of Prayer Calendar
    (January 2018 to February 2019) is available for 2.50 (plus p&p).
    Each month has a picture from Suriname with a prayer/Scripture verse and a slot for each day to help you keep track of your engagements.
    Use the Calendar to remind you to continue praying for Suriname throughout the year.

    For more information contact:
    Mrs Marjorie Paton, Muldoanich, Stirling Street, Blackford. PH4 1QG
    Tel: 01764 682234. Email: marjoriepaton.wdp@btinternet.com

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